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In 2014 we started Perkbox as a way to help companies delight their employees. Today 500,000 people across the UK are using our service to get amazing perks ranging from fun treats to significant discounts on their everyday expenses. Business is booming and we need help to take great perks to even more people. The company is making the transition from raw start-up to finely-tuned happiness-creation machine.

You’ll be in safe hands - we are in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies To Work For 2017.

Who should apply?

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What exactly will I be working on?

A bit like Spotify we work in Squads (small super-focussed cross functional teams) who work on their own product with a mix of developers, product managers, UX, QAs and DevOps. Each squad has a high degree of autonomy and is more or less self-managing...goodbye sign-off processes, risk assessments and red tape. If you want to make a splash and take ownership over the work you do you’ve come to the right place.

The QA function within each squad is critical to the success of the squad. Our QAs are involved and have influence in the scoping, design, development and deployment of every new feature and rarely do manual testing. We’re a big believer that manual testing belongs in the 1970s and our time is better spent playing with the huge range of sexy new technology to automate and script all of our tests. We write automated tests in various languages including Java, Go and Javascript and use Gitlab as our code repository and for pipelines.

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Are there any benefits besides the salary?

My friend, you would agree it would be a bit silly to have an employee perks company called Perkbox and not offer our own team amazing perks, no? The hint is in the name. You of course get all the perks we offer to our customers. We also do regular team lunches, out of office days and team building nights. We also have a generous learning budget, rapid progression paths (for the right people) and a huge blow out all-hands party twice per year.

What’s it like in the office?

Have a look.

What are the prospects for career advancement at Perkbox?

Every aspect of our business is growing. If you want it there is significant potential for increased responsibility over time, be that managing a team, or taking ownership of complex technical systems. Join us and you will grow.

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